The Box Project in the art gallery at the University of Aberystwyth
16 Feb – 20 March 2015

We are pleased to announce that the ‘something of place’ show of boxes will travel to Aberystwyth early in 2015 where they will be viewed by a whole new audience. Various events will accompany the show – details to follow nearer the time together with directions/gallery opening times.

The Box Project at the Museum in the Park, Stroud
08 May – 20 May 2013

The ‘something of place’ exhibition of museum boxes was installed in the Collectors’ Room at the Museum in the Park, Stroud ( as part of Site13 (supported/facilitated by Stroud Valleys

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to return the boxes to a museum setting and the show was well received by the museum who wanted to keep the show for longer! Staff at the museum said that the boxes reinvigorated the room and gave them a new perspective on the permanent exhibits.

It was certainly interesting for us to place the boxes amongst the exhibits/cabinets and to explore the relationship between the objects on show and our reconfigured boxes.

• The boxes in situ

Space Place Practice meeting 18 October 2013
University of Worcester

Space Place Practice will be gathering in Worcester on Friday 18 October when they will be sharing their work with students and staff at the university. Space Place Practice member Maureen Gamble (Head of Art, Design & Creative Digital Media at the University of Worcester) is hosting the meeting and will introduce the group and their work to the university.

Each member will give a snapshot of their practice followed by a short Q&A session before Suze Adams and Michele Whiting bring everyone up to date with the latest Space Place Practice developments/news and members will discuss future projects before the meeting opens up to an extended Q&A with the audience.

Space Place Practice‘happening’ at Corsham Court – Summer 2014

Early this year Space Place Practice submitted proposals to Bath Spa Graduate Centre at Corsham Court for a broad range of site-specific works and performances located throughout the house and grounds of this Grade 1 listed building.

Space Place Practice members had spent the previous six months researching the history of the court and exploring its interior and exterior landscapes. The proposals have now been accepted in principle and we are excited to confirm that a one-day event will take place on Tuesday 01 July 2014.

A symposium will follow the event at Bath Spa Sion Hill on Friday 04 July when documented extracts of the various works/performances will be shown and the project shared with staff and students at the Bath site. This will include a group review and process discussion around the work/s presented at Corsham when members will reflect on how the various pieces translated within the court and its grounds and will question and assess the outcomes.

This discussion will then invite the audience to join in the discussion and raise further questions for debate. In this way, the symposium will be an unrehearsed and open critical review of the event on Tuesday 01 July – as such, an example of our processual approach to practice as research.

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